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Common Questions and Answers You Need Before Hiring a Landscape Designer

Landscapes are a crucial part of any property. They are ways that you can customize the exterior of your property and improve the curb appeal. All landscapes require time and effort to be put into the design and maintenance which is where a professional may be needed. If you are thinking about calling a professional landscape designer, you may be wondering if our company in Honolulu, HI is the right choice for you. That is why F.B.S. Montecto Maintenance is answering some of your most common questions about our company and the work process.

What kind of landscaping services do you offer?

We can perform all kinds of landscaping services and work on projects that include tree trimming, tree removal, irrigation repair, turf care, garden care, along with backflow maintenance. All this is done to ensure that your landscape looks good and meets your needs.

Should I be hiring a professional landscaper to do the job for me, or can I do it myself?

You may be able to do complete the tasks around your landscape on your own, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need help from a professional. In fact, a professional landscaping contractor can ensure that the job is done properly from beginning to end. They have an eye for detail and design and will work with you to bring your vision to life before your eyes.

How often should I landscape my yard?

This all depends on the look you want and the current condition of your lawn. If you have a landscape design that requires more maintenance or upkeep, chances are that you are looking at weekly or bi-weekly landscaping. A more basic landscape can be easier to maintain and may only require services once every 3 to 4 weeks. A professional from our team can take a look at your lawn and determine how often you need our help.

How much will the landscaping services cost?

This depends on the details of the job. You may only want to use our front yard landscaping services or maybe you want your entire lawn redesigned. Whatever it is, we can guarantee affordable costs that you will be pleased with. We also offer our clients in Honolulu, HI free estimates on our services before we get started on the job.

I want to highlight certain areas of my home, can you help?

Yes, we can! Our quality landscaping service includes thoroughly listening to our clients and ensuring that the job is done properly from beginning to end based on their needs. This includes following their instructions to highlight certain areas of their property. Whether it is the front steps that you want to be highlighted or you want us to utilize the size birdbath in our design, we can ensure that you will be pleased.

How much experience do you have?

Our company has been around since 1995, and we have been working to improve our techniques ever since.

Are you licensed?

F.B.S. Montecto Maintenance is an affordable landscape maintenance company that is licensed, insured, certified, and bonded.

If you need a landscape designer, give us a call at (808) 354-0951 and schedule an appointment!

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