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Our Landscape Designer Can Handle Tree Removal Jobs, Too!

Trees are no doubt a great addition to any property. They make the surroundings more put-together and they provide shade as well. However, if they are not maintained well, they could pose risks, too. If you left a diseased tree unattended, the infection could spread to the other parts and you could end up with a dead tree. Or maybe you are planning to get rid of some trees to make way for new landscape features. So, if you need professional help in removing these problematic trees, reach out to F.B.S. Montecto Maintenance. Although we are known as a landscape designer in Honolulu, HI, we also handle tree removal jobs.

Why Ask for Professional Help?

You may be able to DIY minor tree maintenance tasks such as trimming and pruning, but when it comes to cutting down a tree and completely removing it, you need the help of trained experts. Trees are huge and it is extremely dangerous to climb them and cut off the branches at the same time. Plus, do you have all the necessary tools for the removal job? Even if you do plan to buy them yourself, it could get expensive for a procedure that isn’t done frequently. So, for your and your property’s safety, it would be better to leave the tree cutting and removal procedure to a trained and experienced team like us.

We Can Safely Remove Trees!

Our tree removal service ensures a safe and smooth process. We will begin by clearing the area and making sure that it is free from any obstructions. We will then examine the tree and determine in which direction it naturally leans because it’s in this direction that we will be felling the tree. We will also pick an escape route in case the tree falls out of control. After that, we will prepare the equipment needed for the job. Small trees can be removed with a saw, but for larger trees, we will be using a high-powered chainsaw. Like in tree trimming, we use a tried and tested method when removing a tree such as making undercuts, back cuts, and more.

Do you need to remove some trees on your property in Honolulu, HI? If so, there’s no need to look further. Simply call a landscape designer like F.B.S. Montecto Maintenance and let us do the work for you! We can assure a safe and efficient tree removal job! You may call us at (808) 354-0951 to set an appointment!

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