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Landscape Designer Ideas for Adding Shade Garden Color

Shady Garden Color Ideas

Every property owner desires a well-executed landscape design. Employing these innovative design strategies from landscape designers will enable you to luxuriate in bright, captivating hues within a shade garden, despite the limited exposure to sunlight in your yard. Use a variety of shade-tolerant plants, including annuals, perennials, and shrubs, to transform every area of your garden into a breathtaking retreat.

Plant Less Grass, Especially in Shady Spots

Insufficient sunlight can pose a challenge for any lawn. Rather than trying to battle a large spot of withering grass on your property, opt for a smaller turf area and convert it into a visually appealing landscape feature by enclosing it with a shaded garden. Consider replacing grass with shade-tolerant groundcovers like heuchera and ajuga.

Plant Shade-Loving Groundcovers

Utilize low-lying groundcovers to create a hassle-free shade garden by preventing weed growth. Additionally, numerous varieties offer an aesthetically pleasing layer of hues that can enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space, creating a dynamic walkway within your garden. One notable instance is the radiant appearance of the golden creeping Jenny when placed among blue hostas, purple coleus, and black mondo grass.

Pick Interesting Shade Garden Materials

Instead of solely focusing on the plants, consider drawing attention to the hardscape elements in your shaded garden. One instance of enhancing the aesthetics of a pathway is by covering it with dark wood chips that can create a visually pleasing effect when combined with white-variegated bishop’s weed, ornamental grasses, or golden ground covers. One way to initiate the process is to design a foundational map of your lawn.

Pay Attention to Shade Garden Shapes

Elevate your garden to a masterpiece by exploring more than just the appearance of color and texture. Utilize the forms of foliage to capture one’s attention. For instance, a well-manicured hedge made of boxwood serves as a striking contrast to the more relaxed plants surrounding it, while also mimicking the sleek curves of a terra-cotta vase.

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