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Using Quality Landscaping Service

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With Landscaping Trees and Shrubs

Leveraging your landscape design in Honolulu, HI during the chilly winters and scorching summers can be a lifesaver for increasing your home’s energy efficiency, especially with rising home energy prices. How can you employ quality landscaping service and yard design best practices to make those little adjustments that, as F.B.S. Montecto Maintenance and everyone else knows, mount up over time and impact your family’s financial situation?

Create a Tall Landscaping Tree Wall

Cold winter winds from the region come down to the area from the northwest. They steal the warm energy from within your home as they pass it by. Would you like to prevent these energy thieves from stealing heat from your home all winter? Consider creating a wall of landscape trees next to your house to keep the northern mistrals away. When no thermostat was used, this recurring architectural element was called a windbreak.

Landscape Shrubs for Shade Can Help You Stay Cool in the Summer

Why not adopt a time-tested method to keep cool during the summer and reduce your reliance on air conditioning simultaneously? On the south side of older homes, you will almost always find giant shade trees planted. In the sweltering summer months, the shade the trees provide keeps the house cool and reduces the need for air conditioning. Trees like sugar maples were frequently used (farmers could also obtain pancake syrup).

Design of the Landscape for a Wind Tunnel

Plants can increase wind speeds around your home and provide cool summer breezes inside if you have a room in your yard. The summer breeze in the region is from the southwest. You can make a funnel-shaped aperture by using trees and bushes in the area as part of your landscape project. The summer breezes will be drawn in by the wide section and brought through the funnel. The wind will speed up as the horn gets smaller, cooling your home more quickly.

Using trees and bushes, you can enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior and increase your home’s energy efficiency in the winter or summer. For quality landscaping service, contact us.

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